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Home Loan Information

Welcome to this all around home loan information website. Hopefully we can help and guide you in your search for information about mortgages, loans and related subjects. We have split the information into some basic categories that in an easy fashion explains these complex questions.


Home loan information is very important if you plan on buying a new house, apartment or other kind of home. The information on this website might also help you if you are looking for other kinds of loan information. And of course, if you are looking for mortgage information you have certainly come to the right place.


Basic home loan information

If you plan on taking out a home loan then it's normally a mortgage loan that you are looking for. A mortgage loan is a loan that is secured with your house as the collateral.


There are alot of different types of home loan. When it comes to choosing interest rate you can for example get adjustable interest rate or fixed interest rate. A loan with adjustable rate will follow the general interest rates in their ups and downs during the loan period. A fixed loan will on the contrary remain fixed during the defined time, so if the interest rates in the general market climb or sink it will not effect your rate at all.


There are also many other aspects of a home loan, like how long the loan period should be or if you want insurance for the loan or not. Further you can choose if you would like a loan where you only pay the interest in the beginning of the term and not pay the loan itself until later, or if you would like to take a second mortgage on your house etc.


If you already have a mortgage or are thinking about getting one we recommend trying our easy to use and easy to read graphical mortgage / loan calculator which will help you to get a great overview of your loan, the costs, how long it will take to pay back and so on. There are instructions so that you dont miss anything important!


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